Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sales of Australian wine and brandy November 2008

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released details of Australian wine sales for November.

The trend November domestic wine salesestimate for domestic sales of Australian produced wine by volume was 34.7 million litres in November 2008, a decrease of 0.5% from October 2008, down 3.3% from November 2007.

The chart shows domestic sales. Down, but relatively stable. 

The export position is a little different. Australia is now a major wine exporter. The chart below shows our wine exports by volume. You can see the huge increase over the last decade, the sharp down turn in recent times.exports Australian produced winent times.

The fall in the Australian dollar means an increase in the price of local imported wine, although the price of my Spanish tipple has yet to shift. However, falling export demand means that we Australian wine drinkers are going to get a local bonus in terms of lower prices.

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