Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Greetings

I leave tomorrow for Mt Hotham for the Christmas break and will resume posting on my return.

It's been a funny mixed-up year, beginning with economic crash and ending with Copenhagen.

The series I began and still plan to finish on problems in modern public administration was side-tracked by a felt need on my part to try to get a better understanding of climate change issues. I had left this one aside, but then found that parts of the debate were going down the familiar tracks that I was writing about here. So I spent some time writing a series of posts on my personal blog just trying to tease things out for my own understanding.

There is nothing especially profound in the posts, simply a personal exploration to aid understanding.

My economics writing has diminished, simply because I had less to say that was original. I think that my main contribution in the second half of last year and first part of this year lay in the fact that I was writing from a different perspective to most commentators, driven by an apparent gap between the commentary and the statistics.

Hopefully over the Christmas break I will have a chance to review and re-group.

To those to whom it is relevant, may you have a happy and safe Christmas and may we all have a safe and successful new year.

I look forward to talking to you again in a little while.