Sunday, May 20, 2007

Demographic Change and the Problem of Ageism - Introductory Post

The impact of continued demographic change and especially the aging of the workforce continues to be a subject of debate.

For those who are interested in the general topic, the demography matters blog continues to provide one of the best entry points for an overview of some of the issues. I also looked at the impact of demographic change on the professions in a story on the Managing the Professional Services Firm blog.

But while everybody agrees that there is a problem and that part of the solution requires us to retain older workers in the workforce, ageism - the rejection of the older - continues to be a problem.

The other day we were discussing how best this might be handled. The problem is that ageism is deeply entrenched in the structure and culture of organisations, even those making the effort to attract and retain older workers.

We thought that it might be of interest if we discussed the issues in an irregular series of posts on this blog.

Note to Readers

The next post in the series can be found here.

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