Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting value from your web site - Dilanchian case study

Graphic from Striking gold with kiwifruit, story from the Dilanchian web site

One of the messages that we try to get across to Ndarala members is the important role that a web site can play in promoting their expertise to a broader marketplace.

We are not talking here about revenue from advertising or from e-commerce sales through the site, although some people do make a lot of money there, rather the use of the site to support ordinary professional activities.

Ndarala member practice Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants (Sydney) provides an interesting case study here.

Dilanchian bills itself as intellectual property & innovation professionals. The firm competes against some of the biggest firms in the country, working in a marketplace where clients often equate size with substance.

To compete, the message Dilanchian wants to get across is the way the firm combines expertise with modern approaches - Noric sometimes uses the word funky to define the message. The web site is a key marketing tool.

When you look at the site you will see that it has clean lines, a modern feel. It also incorporates a blog.

Since their new site went on line a couple of months ago, Noric and his team have focused on building content. This has started to attract real attention with, as an example, their story on Kiwi fruit featuring (among other places) in the latest WIPO SME newsletter. They are also attracting a small but steady stream of new clients through the site.

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