Friday, December 03, 2010

Google targets Australian web service providers

I see from IT Wire that Google Australia is offering free training in its products and free AdWords advertising to companies and individuals that offer web services to SMBs in a bid to get them promoting Google's offerings to their customers. I quote:

In a blog posting, product marketing manager, Richard Flanagan, said: "If you're a webmaster, digital agency, freelancer, IT consultant, or provide any other web services to Australian small businesses, you can apply to join the program starting today.

I am a bit surprised that Google hasn't tried this before. The web has become a very crowded place. While Google dominates the search marketplace in Australia, the range of competitor offerings on different platforms grows all the time. Facebook is an obvious example.

Back in January 2008 in Google's growing market share I made a passing reference to Google's business model, including the way that Ad Sense arrangements provided a pool of working capital. I have a strong feeling that Google's revenue from Ad Sense has been under a degree of pressure.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Blog performance November 2010

stats nov 10 2

The attached graphic shows visitors (yellow) and page views ) yellow plus red) for the year to the end of November.

Over the last month, the most popular posts were: