Monday, November 29, 2010

A thought for Andrew Laming

Andrew Laming is the LNP member for Bowman in the Australian Parliament. Checking my stats, I found a visitor from Andrew's site. Checking, I found that Andrew had listed one of my posts, The Rudd Stimulus Package - Andrew Laming's view, under the In the Press segment on his web site.

I was very pleased. Let me explain why.

Back in February 2009, More economics 101 - the economics of Malcolm Turnbull looked at the differing economic approaches of the Rudd Government and the opposition. I said then that I was not especially interested in the differing rhetoric of the two sides, just trying to understand the variations in the economics.

This post drew a long and thoughtful comment from Andrew, so thoughtful that I actually turned it into a guest post without inserting my own views. This was the post listed above. Andrew then, rightfully, included it in his In the Press segment.

Now from my experience it is fairly unusual for a politician to treat a blog post sufficiently seriously to engage in discussion. As a blogger, I am obviously pleased. However, I also have a thought for Mr Laming.

He clearly has ideas. He is also prepared to support individual causes such as home birth. I wonder whether it might not be worth his while to do more writing.

I wonder whether Mr Laming is aware of the case of the NSW Parliamentarian Davis (Bill) Hughes. First as a back bencher and then as Leader of the NSW Country Party, he found it a little difficult to get publicity in the Sydney media. However, he did not respond with a multiplicity of press releases of that short form we love so well. Instead, he focused on more substantive material.

He did not get immediate publicity, indeed he wasn't seeking it. What he did do, was build a reputation with journalists as a thoughtful man who actually had something to say.

Later, when he wanted publicity he got it because he had built a reputation.

Just a thought.       

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