Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Puzzles with the Henry Tax Review

You can find the full Henry Report here. The Government's promotional web site here.

At the moment, we are dealing with two very different things. The first is the Henry review itself, the second with things that the Government has accepted, rejected or left up in the air.

With taxation matters, the devil always lies in the detail. You also have to look very carefully at the language involved.

I simply don't have a view on much of this at the moment. My assessment of the Resource Rent tax as proposed strikes me as a bit gimmicky with a complicated and still unknown pattern of winners and losers. Further, I am not sure that the proposed Commonwealth investment of 40% in new mining infrastructure makes a lot of policy sense.

I am sure that details will change as consultation proceeds. I don't think that the use of the Government bond rate as a benchmark from which to calculate "super profits" is in any way sustainable, ignoring risk among other things.

We can be sure that the various interest groups will pick over the entrails. I will read with interest.   

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