Monday, March 02, 2009

On-line problems

I have been effectively off-line because of a house move. Even now, the internet connections are not fully back in the home office. All very frustrating. It will still be a little while before I can post properly again.

In my last post A very odd recession I spoke of the divergences between Australian and international economic performance, of the gap between the negative official commentary and the apparent picture of domestic economic activity revealed by the statistics.

Statistical data released since I wrote including ABS capital expenditure data has continued to surprise commentators with its strength.

This week will be a big one from a data viewpoint, with a whole series of releases including balance of payments data, January retail sales figures and the December national accounts estimates. For the benefit of international readers, the ABS data goes on line at 11.30 am in the morning Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time.

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