Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas to all

As I write, my last post was Economic implications of the Australian Government's Nation Building package on 14 December. I have in fact several part completed posts, so don't be surprised if several posts suddenly appear dated prior to this post! Here I am going to take advantage of the Christmas break to complete some writing.

This blog began simply as a way of recording some of the writing that I and other Ndarala colleagues had been doing on management issues. More recently, I have been using it more as a place for discussion on economics related issues.

I have really enjoyed this, although I do not want to lose total sight of the management content. The change in focus has also led to a sharp increase in the number of visitors. This obviously pleases me.

To all my readers of all faiths and none, I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year to you

Jim Belshaw said...

I thank you. I wish that I could read Bahasa. Then I could enjoy your blogs.