Sunday, April 15, 2007

Managing the Web-Blog Interface

As a collective, we have a number of web sites as well as blogs that have become increasingly important in today's interactive world.

The Group itself runs two web sites, the Group and Regional Living Australia sites, as well as three blogs, this one, Managing the Professional Services Firm and the Regional Living Australia blog. Other blogs linked to member interests have been on the drawing board, but held pending resource issues.

As a networked organisation made up of independent professionals and professional practices, we do not have a lot of resources available for central activities. The busier our people, the smaller the pool of available resources. So we face a constant challenge in keeping our sites up to date.

To manage this, we are constantly looking for new ways to manage the process. Here accumulated content appears to be the absolutely critical issue.

Once past a certain minimum point, accumulated content starts to yield new publishing possibilities. At this stage, the effort involved in keeping things current starts to decline. We appear to be at this point, although it will still be some time before life really becomes easier.

Mind you, with increased content comes new ideas as to ways of using that content. So perhaps things will not become easier after all!

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